Here Technology meets Spirituality.


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Why to choose us ?
Here we work as a team and on principals.We care for emotional,financial,and physical need of our patients.

We promise to take you from conception till delivery .
This is a complete setup which has all facilities under one roof .
Fully equipped to handle all routine and emergency cases,no need to refer to any higher centre.
Journey of infertility from medical treatment to surgical and last by IVF .

  • Promise to give you the best medical treatment.
  • Backup support.
  • Fully supported by experienced Obstetricians,Paediatrician,Gynaecologist,Surgeons,Laparoscopic Surgeons,Urologist,Anaesthetist and skilled dedicated staff.

We abide by noble ethics ,noble values ,noble principles.
It’s under the supervision and blessings of her holiness Mai Kamli wali .

We also use Auxiliary methods and alternative treatments.
Our treatment focus is on pregnancy ,for which we take help of yoga,meditation,accupressure,homeopathy, and diet ,exercise.

Here IVF is simplified ,comfortable ,approachable and affordable to common mass .
Our conversion to IVF is less then 50 percent.”ART not just IVF ” Our method of treatment is Transparent,Informative and Educational. Personalised and tailor made approach has made us stand apart. At IMB we use latest and innovative technology for best treatment.

Excellent Patient care
By dedicated ,talented ,understanding ,skilled nursing staff and program coordinators. We at IMB provide you one program coordinator to guide you till your complete treatment. Our staff is very supportive and work with empathy and compassion.

Value for time and money
We keep you updated by sms, mails, telephonically by your treatment updates and development .you need not visit us for small things.
Investigations can be collected by home visit made by our Phelebotomist .
Funds and money packages simplified..
Facility for special appointment.

Professional trust and confidence
Our professionals are experienced,highly skilled,with a trustworthy record of practice for the last 18 years.(The hands which work are the ones that matter,as magic lies in magician rather than wand)

The senior most talented ,experienced team which is the backbone of our IVF lab, 24 hrs in house junior doctors with embryology training to take care of lab .

IVF laboratory
Newly formed lab according to ICMR guidelines
Clean & Sterile atmosphere and latest advanced equipment,new nuair incubator and ICSI machine with micro manipulators. Separate Andrology and Cryopreserve room for freezing of embryo.